Camping Toilet Product Reviews

Portable Camping Toilet

Portable camping toilets have become a must have for every outdoor camping trip or any event where one knows he or she will be forced to use a sorry excuse for a restroom, or worse yet, there will be no restroom around. Many camping sites in public areas offer restroom facilities, but most are horribly constructed, and rarely (if ever) clean or sanitary. While there is no question, that a portable camping toilet is a perfect solution for such problems, there is still one problem to be observed: finding the right camping toilet for you and your family.
Portable Camping Toilet

Portable Camping Toilet Size Consideration

Size should be one of the first considerations evaluated when choosing a portable camping toilet. Size affects several things; the first is portability – size will affect just how portable the camping toilet is and how easily it can be transported from home to the campsite. Obviously choosing a portable camping toilet requires that you consider where you intend to take the portable toilet and which means will be used to transport it (car, truck, SUV, RV, hiking, biking, or boat). Noting these factors will help determine how much space is allotting for it during transportation.

Secondly you should consider home storage. Will this toilet be stored in a garage or storage facility or will you be finding it a storage home inside your house? A portable camping toilet should be small enough (if planning to be stored in your home) to fit in a closet, or collapsible to store nicely under the bed, perhaps with other camping supplies.

Portable Camping Toilet Functionality

Once the size considerations have been made the next step is to determine the portable camping toilet functionality requirements for your needs. For example a portable flush toilet which is arguably the most advanced of all camping toilets can be used both indoors as well as outdoors. They include their own freshwater holding tank as well as a waste holding tank that can be easily removed for emptying and seamless cleanup. The portable flush toilet is the portable camping toilet most closely resembling the functionality of a standard home toilet. Some downsides to the flushing functionality of these camp toilets is that they are usually bulkier than other portable camping toilets to travel with and do require periodic cleaning, unlike the bucket camping toilet or folding camping toilets. Another consideration to keep in mind is home storage. Because this toilet does not collapse and reduce much in size, it is less likely to fit under a bed.

Cheapest Portable Camping Toilet

For those interested more in budget-friendly and hassle-free options, the bucket toilet is the cheapest portable camping toilet on the market. Don’t let the word cheap scare you off, it refers strictly to the price and how inexpensive this camping toilet solution can be. This simple design features a toilet seat that makes you feel like you are using a standard toilet. The basic construction includes the toilet seat and a bucket (similar to a standard five gallon bucket). This solution is one of the most durable and budget friendly portable camping toilet solutions and has a simple, easy to clean design.

The Right Portable Camping Toilet

Regardless of the outdoor adventure, the trip, or family size, there is a camping toilet available that will suit your needs and your budget. Whether transporting it by way of automobile, RV, or backpack, taking the time to research the right portable camping toilet for your situation will make your outdoor and camping trip activities for you, your group, and your family that much more enjoyable.

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