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Product Description

The Visa Potty 268 is the deluxe portable flush toilet by Sanitation Equipment that is designed to bring a little modern convenience and sanitation to your campsite. With a 6+ gallon holding tank the Visa 268 can go more days between emptying than other similar portable flush toilets but the tradeoff is the additional size and weight, especially when full.

It uses a piston-type flushing mechanism that provides a highly effective 2-direction rinse. Also included are convenient level indicators to easily monitor both the fresh water tank and holding tank levels.

The larger size and additional height makes the Visa Potty 268 a more comfortable camping toilet to actually use compared to similar portable flush toilet models such as the Thetford Porta Potti 135, but as state before, it does come with the price of overall size and weight.

The Visa Potty 268 is an ideal portable flush toilet solution for family camping or outdoor group outings (large capacity) and users with sensitive backs or knees (height).

The Visa Potty 268 is Easy To Use

  • Easy to read Level indicator
  • Multiple-flush fresh water reservoir
  • Spout storage compartment
  • Quick release separation latches
  • Air vent for smooth & easy discharge

The Visa Potty 268 is Easy To Clean

  • High gloss, Smooth surface
  • Detachable spout for discharge
  • Piston pump dual direction rinse
  • Leak proof and odor free seal

Specs for the Visa Potty 268

  • Dimensions: 14.5 x 16.5 x 16 inches
  • Weight (Shipping): 12.2 pounds

Product Details

  • Easy to use, replacable piston pump with two-directional rinse for enhanced bowl surface coverage.
  • Extra deep bowl for greater comfort. Lid snaps closed for preventing vibration while moving.
  • Easy to read tank waste level and fresh water level indicator
  • Easy to clean detatchable spoout storage compartment.
  • Holding tank vent for cleaner and easier discharge of waste.

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