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Sanitation Equipment Passport 10L Portable Toilet is a portable potty designed for the modern sanitation and convenience requirement for your campsite, RV or any outdoor recreational activity. This portable flush toilet has 2.6 gallons of fresh water with the same capacity for its holding tank. In terms of maintenance, the Passport 10L camping toilet comes with a detachable pour spout with a holding tank vent for easy waste disposal. The easy-to-read waste level indicator makes capacity availability monitoring a simple, mess-free breeze. This is a unique feature that other portable flush toilets do not offer. Also, the Sanitation Equipment Passport portable camp has an efficient piston type flush and effective two-direction rinse system that makes it easy and convenient to use. With a medium-sized tank, it is just right for a small to medium-sized group who want some outdoor adventure.

Is the Sanitation Equipment Passport Right For You?

The Passport 10L Camping Toilet is installed with a replaceable flush which makes it last and serve you for many years of your camping and other outdoor activities. The convenience that it offers with the comfortable seat and functional lid makes you feel like you are using something similar to what you have at home. It may not be the cheapest portable toilet brand in the market but many believe the features are worth the additional cost. The convenience, durability and the reliability of a very important piece of camping equipment is worth considering as it may outweigh the additional dollars that you will spend compared to having a toilet that may not give the peace of mind that you need while traveling or having your weekend camping or outdoor getaway.

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