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The 5 Gallon Portable Flush Toilet by Palm Springs is a self contained camping toilet with a 3.2 gallon freshwater holding tank and a 2.8 gallon holding tank for waste water. Each tank is made of solid high density polyethylene in a one piece odor and leak proof design that can be easily emptied completely with minimum cleaning neccessary. This 5 gallon portable flush toilet features are very similar to the Century 6205 but currently at a much lower price.

Lightweight Portable Flush Toilet

At 5 gallons and just under 10 pounds, it is in the smaller class of portable flush toilets which makes it lighter weight and more compact than some of the larger, more long-term camping toilet models such as the Visa Potty 268 that has twice the waste holding capacity at 6.3 gallons.

Some of the customer reviews have been less than kind on this portable flush toilet model so be sure and read them before deciding to order.

Considering the extremely low sale price on the Palm Springs 5 Gallon Portable Flush Toilet when compared to the higher-end equivalents such as the Thetford Porta Potti 235, it makes a good option for a portable flush toilet for the budget-minded camper or road tripper.

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