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The ultimate solution for your home comfort requirement when you are outdoors is the Coleman Portable Flush Camping Toilet. It is designed to be durable as it is made with high-density polyethylene material. It is also easy to clean and maintain and is built with double-sealed drain valve which protects it even from the slightest leakage and odor. The Coleman flush camping toilet provides peace of mind, when you need it most and is designed with secure corrosion-resistant clamps and latches that lock the tanks together.

Further, this portable flush toilet passes the requirements of the US Coast Guard and hence, can also be used as a self-contained boat commode. As with all Coleman camping toilets, this model also contains a 1 year warranty as an assurance that Coleman gives to its clients to get the best quality and superior product that will meet their needs. With the Coleman portable flush camping toilet, you will have the convenience of having a potty with similar comfort to your home's . At the same time, you are assured of the quality and long service of a vital piece of camping equipment you want. Moreover, Coleman ensures that their portable flush camping toilet is available for any wallet, with very reasonable pricing.

Coleman Flush Camping Toilet Features and Specifications

Perfect for trailers, camping, cottages, RVs and even boats. Flush-able, with 3-plus gallon freshwater holding tank good for up to 50 flushes; Always flushes with fresh water, no recirculation; Heavy-duty side latches lock tanks together; Double-sealed drain valve protects against leakage; Large holding tank empties into any conventional waste water system; Meets U.S. Coast Guard regulations for boating use. Measures 12 x 16 1/2 x 14 1/2" h., weighs 11 lbs., 2 ozs.; Order Now! Coleman Portable Toilet

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