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The Century 6205 is a portable flush toilet that functions equally as well as a portable camping toilet as it does for boating, RV’s or basically any outing away from public facilities. It flushes very much like a residential commode. A one-piece design, leak proof detachable holding tank holds waste until you are ready to empty it.

Bring the convenience of home along with you with the Century 6205. The self contained unit features a 2.6 gallon freshwater holding tank, or reservoir, and a 2.5 gallon waste-water holding tank which makes it a lighter weight portable flush toilet than other comparable and more expensive models. The comfortable full size seat means minimal compromise for portability.

Built in handles make carrying the unit a cinch and corrosion resistant side latches ensure the tanks remain locked together during transport. On top of that, a double sealed drain valve protects against unwanted odors, and leakage.

The Century 6205 holding tanks are heavy duty and durable, built of high-density polyethylene.

For a larger, 5 gallon portable flush toilet option you may also want to have a look at the Century 6210 5 Gallon Portable Toilet which is the bigger brother to the 6205.

The Century 6205 has been noted as having superior drop test strength in comparison to similar, competing models.

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