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The Century 6210 5-Gallon Portable Toilet will let you flush away your worries in the middle of nowhere. It is a great safe and sanitary solution for a portable flush camping toilet that also performs well for RV’s, boats, or pretty much anywhere that facilities are either, unavailable or worse yet, unusable. With the built-in flushing capability the convenience of a traditional home toilet can be brought with you to even the most primitive of camp sites.

This popular portable flush toilet incorporates durable high density waste water and fresh water holding tanks that are made of one piece, heavy duty, leak-proof, construction. A double sealed drain valve is incorporated that protects against leakage and unattractive odors. Waste remains in the sealed, but conveniently detachable, holding tank until you are ready to empty it.

The 6210 5-Gallon Portable Toilet is very similar to the Century 6205 but with twice the holding tank capacity which makes it a better choice for longer stays or larger groups. It flushes with clean water and is completely self–contained. Integrated carrying handles make transport a breeze and the attractive (if you can say that about a toilet) matte finish will conceal any potential scratches the Century 6210 5 Gallon portable toilet incurs through the rigors of camping and travel. The holding tanks are held together with corrosion resistant heavy duty latches.

Product Details

  • Self-contained portable toilet for camp site, boat, RV, or other recreation
  • Sturdy full-size seat/lid; lushes like residential toilet; matte finish conceals scratches
  • 3.2-gallon freshwater holding tank and 5-gallon waste-water holding tank
  • One-piece, leak-proof tanks made of high-density polyethylene
  • Shipped fully assembled; 14.5" high x 15.5" wide x 16.5" deep; weighs 12.5 lbs

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