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The PETT Toilet is one cool little portable camping toilet, and environmentally friendly!

The “PETT”, is Phillips Environmental Products compact dry toilet system. Their motto is “to leave only your footprints behind”, and to do so in the most sanitary method possible for transporting and disposing of both liquid and solid human waste through innovative biodegradable technologies.

The PETT toilet is a collapsible toilet that is about the same size as a standard toilet (standing 14” off the floor) but folds up to a portable briefcase size (5” x 19” x 14”) and weighs only 7 pounds. It makes use of a 3 leg design for maximum stability on uneven ground. Compact and lightweight - very transportable.

Innovative PETT “Wag Bags” are used with the PETT portable environmental toilet (3 are included) that easily fit over or under the seat for maximum sanitation and hygiene. The special bags “gel” waste (turn liquids to solids), neutralize odors, speed the decaying process, are biodegradable, and approved for disposal in any trash can.

When Phillips was asked how much weight the PETT Toilet would hold, their response was this:

“We have driven a truck up where the front end was supported by two PETT toilets; one under each front wheel. While this is not a true scientific weight bearing test, it does demonstrate the durability of supporting a significant amount of weight.”

PETT Toilet – What Others Are Saying

"The PETT Toilet is stable and hygienic. This innovative, eco-friendly camping toilet has full-size features but folds to an easy-to-carry briefcase size for travel" – REI

"Finally, a portable (7lbs) engineered portable camping toilet system that is eco-friendly, convenient and sanitary) - River Magazine

"In all my TV adventures, The PETT toilet is the most clever and easy to use, ecologically-sound outdoor toilet I've ever sat on!" - S. Murphy, "the Eco Trekker"

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