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The Stearns Sunshower makes an economical camping toilet tent solution. At 30 x 30 x 65" and weighing just 3 pounds and 3 ounces it is lightweight and has enough room for most camping toilets.

Stearns is a member of the Coleman family and it offers products for outdoor fun and adventure such as the Stearns camping toilet tent. Though, not "technically" a camping toilet tent, it does offer the minimum privacy requirements to function as one. You can inflate the enclosure without exerting an effort and wasting time. It also features entrance snaps that can easily and securely close. Further, it provides the extra stability with the inflation on the upper and lower rings.

So, be prepared to have an outdoor experience of a lifetime with Stearns SunShower Enclosure. It is always easy to pack, convenient to carry, and fast to install. You can always rely on Stearns SunShower Enclosure for the privacy that you need. With it, you can always be on the go and enjoy any outdoor adventure anytime.

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