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Product Description

The Grand Trunk Camping Toilet Tent is a great option for camping groups and families who want to add privacy to their use of a portable camping toilet. This privacy tent is large enough to comfortably be used with any sort of camping toilet, and you'll still have room left over for a changing area. Another thing that sets this tent apart is that it pops up almost instantly using a unique flash setup system. This tent is ultra-sturdy, yet still relatively light and quick & easy to assemble.

Features of the Grand Trunk Camping Toilet Tent

The main outstanding feature of the Grand Trunk Camping Toilet Tent is that it's got a pop-up setup system, which means you can get it set up in just seconds. It's also much larger than other options – large enough to use with multiple toilets or as a toilet area and a changing area, particularly with a portable flush toilet that locks in smells, anyway. The toilet tent also works well as a camping shower enclosure and features inner pockets, which allow you to hang up supplies like hand sanitizer, soap, shampoo, etc.

Features Include

  • Fast pop-up setup for easy use
  • Large enough for two toilets or a toilet and a changing area
  • Inner pockets give you a place to hang up supplies
Grand Trunk Dunny Camping Toilet Tent

Pros and Cons of the Grand Trunk Dunny

The Grand Trunk Dunny comes with guy lines and stakes, so it will stand up in even the windiest conditions. It's made up of high-quality materials, including easy-clean polyester fabric. The tent has strong supports, as well, which makes it super stable. The pop up design is easy to assemble when you get the hang of it.

The Pros

  • Sets-up ridiculously fast
  • One of the largest camping toilet tents available
  • Guy lines and stakes make it stand up to wind
  • Easy-clean polyester fabric
  • Strong supports make it more stable
  • Easy to assemble after the first time

The Cons

Though the tent will assembles in literally 1 minute or so, it may take a little practice the first time.

Is the Grand Trunk Dunny Camping Toilet Tent For You?

The Grand Trunk Camping Toilet Tent is a fantastic option if you want a larger privacy shelter to set up for your portable camping toilet or shower. It's sturdy and easy to assemble, and it offers great value for the money. It's not the cheapest camping toilet tent option on the market, but if you're looking for a high-quality tent that will last, the Dunny is likely the one you want.

Product Details

  • Shelter sets up in less than a minute and is tall enough for an adult to stand comfortably inside
  • Removable floor can be attached to the side when not needed
  • Shower hanger holds up to 3-gallon sun showers overhead
  • Two zip-close windows allow ventilation
  • Two internal storage pockets hold toiletries and small items

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