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Designed for your personal use, the flexible, portable camping toilet seat manufactured by Travel John is provides the comfort you are looking for in a portable toilet seat. The durable PVC material makes it flexible and convenient to use not to mention the soft padding that makes it an adaptable seat for any five-gallon type of bucket or pail. It can be easily stored as it can be folded in half. There is no reason not to have one stored in your car because it does not take a lot of space and you will especially appreciate its convenience, when that "inconvenient" call-to-nature comes a-hollering.

The Travel John camping toilet seat has three solid waste collection kits. The durable PVC seat is easy to clean and offers the comfort you'll appreciate with its smooth seat texture and soft padding. As it is made of PVC, it is corrosion resistant and requires low maintenance. To use it, you just need to place the PVC seat on top of your bucket. The solid waste disposal kit that comes with it allows for easy maintenance and sanitation requirement. The kit contains solid waste collection bags, antiseptic hand wipes, and camping toilet paper.

Portable Camping Toilet Seat Dimensions

The dimensions of his portable camping toilet seat is 15.5" long by 14.75" wide and can be folded in half for simple storage - basically fitting into the normal camping bucket toilet and pail size. Once you are through with it, you can easily clean it, fold and store for future use. This compact transporting feature makes it ideal for storage in your car, office, or home for emergency use. Another good thing is the affordable price of the Travel John camping toilet seat.

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