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The Hassock Portable Toilet by Reliance adds a few useful “features” to the basic bucket–style camping toilet like the less expensive popular Luggable Loo series.

The first of which is the addition of a removable inner bucket liner that makes waste disposal and cleaning quick and easy. When the time comes to empty, simply lift the inner bucket out and dump in a conventional toilet or approved waste disposal station.

The second “feature” is the addition of an inner splash guard that fits between the bucket and the seat to prevent splashing when in transit. This is important because the Hassock portable toilet is a self contained unit, meaning the bucket, seat, lid, and even toilet paper all seal-up into 1 unit. The way it is designed, the splash guard prevents the bucket’s contents (waste water) from splashing over the seat. It also provides a convenient place to securely store a roll of camping toilet paper.

The Reliance Hassock Portable toilet is a good option for convenience and budget. It is light weight and therefore easy to pack and transport. It works well for outdoor camping, boating, and even RV’s.

The Hassock can be used as is but also works extremely well with disposable plastic liners like Wag Bags for a virtually no-mess hassle free experience.

The one negative to be aware of is its height. At only 15 inches high it can be uncomfortable for someone with bad knees.

Hassock Portable Toilet Dimensions

  • Weight: 5.00 Pounds
  • Length: 15.13 Inches
  • Width: 15.13 Inches
  • Height: 15.00 Inches

Product Details

  • Portable, lightweight and self-contained toilet; comes with one Eco-Fresh packet
  • Contoured seat for comfort; inner splash cover/toilet paper holder
  • Removable inner bucket for waste disposal; compatible with Reliance's standard Double Doodie bag
  • Dimensions: 14.7 by 14.7 by 154 inches (L x W x H); Weight: 5 pounds
  • Designed for camping and boating; five-year warranty against manufacturer's defects

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