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The non-flush Coleman portable toilet will be your best companion when deciding to go for an outdoor adventure such as camping, mountain climbing, hiking, trekking, boating or even hunting. With a bucket that weighs just 5.8 pounds and a lightweight plastic body, bringing this portable bucket toilet anywhere will never be a problem. The comfort of having a contoured seat with its own lid will make you feel like you are not away from home at all. Although this Coleman portable camping toilet does not have a flush facility similar to what you have at home, disposal is easy with its removable inner bucket, particularly when lined with any of the popular sanitary and convenient camping toilet bags.

With the Coleman portable toilet, you will have the sanitary convenience that is not available in many camp sites. The lid has its own convenient storage for a roll of toilet paper ready for use and replacement as needed. The high quality plastic material allows for years of use and with the reasonable price of the non-flush Coleman portable camping toilet, you will be surprised to know that it is affordable for everyone's pocket. This is what makes it preferred by most campers aside from the convenience that it offers to answer a basic Mother Nature requirement.

A self-contained bucket toilet, the compact Coleman portable toilet has its own bag lining for easy disposal and sanitary convenience. With it, you are assured to have a worry-free outdoor adventure or emergency disaster handling situation.

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