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The camoflauge camping toilet by Reliance will be a welcome friend when nature calls during those "less than convenient" times while a-field. Nothing special or fancy here – just a solid, rugged, standard bucket toilet with a hinged snap-on plastic toilet seat and lid that holds sanitary camping toilet bags securely in place. It can support a person of up to 350 lbs of weight with its sturdy and durable bucket material. With the economically priced Reliance camoflauge bucket toilet you get the convenience of a sanitary toilet with you during your outings, packaged in the best color for doing your business in the woods - camo.

The camoflauge camping toilet is not only cool looking, it is crash resistant and has a durable handle and removable seat & lid that allows for ridiculously easy cleaning, particularly when used with today's sanitary camping toilet bags. The bucket can also be a multi-purpose container for your sanitary wipes, tissue paper, chemical deodorant, emergency camping supplies, paper towels, toilet bags, toilet seat covers and other things that you want to store for your next hunting or camping activity – though "snack-storage is not recommended"...

The camouflage design is appropriate for hunting trips which is the reason why this is basically made for hunters although, the Reliance camoflauge bucket toilet will obviously function equally as well on any of your other outdoor activities.

Is The Stylish Camoflauge Camping toilet Right For You?

Considering the affordability of the camoflauge camping toilet by Reliance, it should be considered as a camping toilet option, particularly for the budget-minded outdoor enthusiast.

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