Camping Toilet Product Reviews

Camping Toilet Tent

What is a camping toilet tent? It is a small tent-type shelter that can be used to provide some privacy in the outdoors, usually resembling something similar to an outhouse. They are typically used to house a camping toilet and often double as a shower tent. In fact, many of them available today even come with a solar camp shower for just that use.

When deciding on a camping toilet tent there are a couple of considerations that should be evaluated; size, ease-of-setup, quality, and durability. Size is important particularly if it will also be used as a shower tent. You need to make sure that it has enough height for the tallest person in your camping party to stand up in. As for ease of setup, most are designed to assemble quickly and easily by one person without the need for assistance by additional people.

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Camping Toilet Tent Options

Camping toilet tent options vary some and need to be considered based on your intended use. These options consist of a shower or lantern hanger, a removable floor, internal pockets, and ventilation screens.

If you plan to use your camping toilet tent to pull double duty as a shower tent then a removable floor is essential. Can you imagine trying to take a shower while standing on the bare, dirt, ground? One word, “mud”. Many privacy shelters come with the floor option but it is something to double check on when selecting the right model. The ability to be able to remove this floor when using a camping toilet will also be helpful.

Another consideration if planning to use the camping toilet tent as a shower tent is that there is a built-in shower head hanger. Many times this hanger doubles as a lantern hanger for those late night trips (when nature calls).

Ventilation screens are another option to look for. These are important for both flushing out foul odors when using the camping toilet and for drying out the enclosure when it has been used for showering. They are also helpful for keeping pesky insects out such as no-see-ums, mosquitoes, yellow jackets, and flies.

Camping Toilet Tent Durability

As with any camping equipment that is going to endure the rigors of travel and the rugged environment of the outdoors, durability requirements should be a primary consideration when buying a camping toilet tent. They definitely range in this respect and though their prices do reflect this somewhat, the difference in price between a high quality camping toilet tent and a low quality model really isn’t that much. The old adage, “you get what you pay for” does ring true here to an extent, but the gap is fairly narrow between the good ones and the bad ones when it comes to privacy shelters and camping toilet tents.

Reading users’ experiences through customer reviews will help identify the good models from the bad.

Camping Toilet Tent Prices

Camping toilet tent prices range any where from about $25 up to around $150 and somewhere around the $50 mark seems to be the divider between the lower and higher quality models.

The very best camping toilet tent models like the PUP Tent Privacy shelter by PETT go for anywhere between $130 and $160.

There is some considerable savings to be had when buying a package deal that includes the camping toilet, the camping toilet tent, and the sun shower all in one go. Not only is this the easiest way to get what you need, but it also ensures that all components are compatible with each other.

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