Camping Toilet Product Reviews

Camping Toilet Bags

Camping toilet bags are disposable plastic-type liners for portable camping toilets. They do not work with all camping toilet types, particularly not portable flush toilets, but are ideal for portable folding toilet models like the PETT toilet by Phillips Environmental and the inexpensive Stansport folding toilet. They are also known as a waste bag and work well with bucket camping toilet styles like the popular portable toilets by Reliance and Coleman.

Disposable camping toilet bags make doing your business in the outdoors easy, clean, environmentally friendly, and hassle-free. They typically are self sealing and puncture resistant and depending on the style or kit may come coated with a gelling powder that will neutralize and solidify human waste including 32 ounces of liquid waste and urine per waste bag.

Camping Toilet Bags

Once you have done your outdoor business, simply seal the camping toilet bag with the built-in sealing mechanism (think industrial-strength zip-lock here) and dispose of it when it is convenient. Many of these waste bags are landfill approved and can therefore be tossed in the next convenient trash or dumpster.

Whether car camping, hiking, or what have you, using camping toilet bags with your portable camping toilet sanitation and minimize hassle.

Camping Toilet Bags for Hiking

Many popular wilderness areas now require that you pack your waste out when you leave (yes, your poopy). This can be a serious pain for the backpacker hiking. Lugging along a portable flush toilet or bulky bucket toilet on a backcountry hiking trip is not usually an option as there is minimal available space with all the other hiking gear. Camping toilet bags for hiking are an ideal choice. They work well when used as a camping toilet liner but can also be used without (though it may require some creativity, and possibly a small shovel or scoop). They can be stored with the rest of the camp and hiking gear in a backpack and easily disposed of when returning back to civilization.

Camping Toilet Waste Bag Kits

Camping toilet waste bag kits are available from manufacturers such as Phillips Environmental or PET (WAG Bags), Reliance, TravelJohn, and others. They vary some in contents but typically include x number of camping toilet replacement bags, camping toilet paper, a zip-close transport bag to put the waste bag in and hand sanitizer.

Camping Toilet Waste Bag Kits

The Reliance Bio Gel waste bag kit come with a separate box of Bio-Gel which is dispensed with an included scoop. This is the stuff that treats and gels the waste. The WAG bag camping toilet waste bag kit by Phillips Enviro. comes with camping toilet bags that are preloaded with their “Poo Powder” (clever name) which is more convenient.

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