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The modern day portable camping toilet has improved significantly over the years offering quite a variety of sanitary, hassle-free, and affordable portable toilet options for the tent camper, trailer or RV camping, the nature and outdoor enthusiast, the road-tripper, the sports buff, or even for the home disaster preparedness kit.

With so many camping toilet choices available for so many applications, finding the right product and model for your specific needs could be a grueling task. Fortunately is here to make it as simple as 1 – 2 – 3.

  1. Choose the portable camping toilet style
  2. Choose the price range that fits your budget
  3. Browse available models and read the unbiased camping toilet reviews left by real users to finalize your choice

Portable Camping Toilet Styles

Portable camping toilets come in 3 basic styles. The first step is deciding on which style best fits your needs. The 3 camping toilet styles are:

• Bucket Toilet
• Collapsible Toilet (Also known as a Folding Toilet)
• Portable Flush Toilet

Bucket Toilet

The Bucket Toilet is the basic “no-frills” camping toilet style. There’s nothing glamorous about a bucket toilet, they typically consist of a toilet seat, a lid, and a 5 gallon-type bucket with a handle. They are the king at “hassle-free” and generally the most affordable portable camping toilet. They are bulkier than folding camping toilets and therefore are not the best choice for backpacking or hiking.

The bucket toilet is very simple with no moving parts to potentially fail, and it gets the job done.

Most bucket toilet models can also be used with disposable camping toilet bags (plastic liners) which virtually eliminate the need for any cleaning.
Bucket Toilet
• Simple, durable design (important considering the rigors of travel)
• Nearly maintenance-free
• Lighter weight than a Portable flush toilet
• No cleaning required when used with disposable liners
• Camping toilet bags optional
• Good for the camp site
• Doubles well as a backup emergency toilet for the home
• Lowest price portable toilet

• Bulkier than a folding toilet
• Not as stable as other styles, particularly on uneven ground
• Limited height (depending on model) could be an issue for users with bad knees
• Not a good choice for hiking

Collapsible Toilet

The collapsible toilet is also known as a folding camping toilet. As their name suggests, they fold down (or collapse) when not in use which makes them ideal for back packing and hiking or any activity that space and transportability is an issue. The collapsible toilet comes in various shapes and sizes ranging from very simple “folding-camp-chair” styles, but with a hole in them of course, to more sophisticated models like the top-of-the-line PETT portable camping toilet that folds into a convenient and easy to store “briefcase”.

Collapsible toilet models are usually intended to be used with disposable liners, or camping toilet bags, which makes them a nearly hassle-free and sanitary solution that requires no cleanup after use. When finished, simply seal the bag and discard. Could it be any simpler?
Collapsible Toilet
• Most compact and lightweight portable camping toilet
• Available in taller heights (good for bad knees)
• No cleaning required between uses
• Maintenance-free
• Storage friendly (even under a bed or behind a truck seat)
• Preferred design for hiking and back packing
• Reasonably priced

• Has moving parts that could potentially fail (not a durable as bucket toilet)
• Camping toilet bags mandatory (compared to bucket toilet)
• Cheaper models suffer in quality

Portable Flush Toilet

The portable flush toilet is the luxury option in portable toilets. They offer the camper the nearest convenience of a traditional home toilet with the ability to flush waste into a waste holding tank that is sealed and chemically treated to minimize odors.

A portable flush toilet is usually thought of as a camping trailer or RV toilet solution but there are many portable flush camping toilet models available today that work equally as well for the tent or car camper. They typically consist of a fresh water holding tank and a lower holding tank for waste. The size of the holding tank determines the frequency in which they need to be emptied. Unlike the hassle-free functionality of using camping toilet bags with the other portable toilet styles, the portable flush toilet does require cleaning and periodic maintenance.

If you are considering a portable flush toilet for your camping needs, you will want to determine the right size for your intent. The 5 gallon portable flush toilet is the standard size. If your outdoor adventures will include larger groups or lengthier stays you may want to think about a larger portable flush camping toilet like a 10 gallon to minimize the frequency in which it will need to be emptied.

Portable Flush Toilet

• Convenience of the flush
• Available in comfortable heights and sizes
• Individual users can do their business without worrying about immediately disposing their waste
• Good option for family campers, particularly with small children
• Good option for sheer comfort – Flush it, and forget it (for a little while anyway)
• Price has come down significantly on many models

• Requires emptying waste holding tank
• Requires cleaning and possibly period maintenance
• Contains moving parts, hose fittings, and seals to potentially go bad over time
• Not as compact as other camping toilet styles.
• Requires fresh water to fill holding tank
• Generally more expensive price than other options

Portable Camping Toilet

Portable Camping ToiletOne of the biggest issues to consider with a portable camping toilet is just how “portable” the product is and how best it will fit the application it is intended for. For example, the size and weight requirements of a portable camping toilet for an RV could be less stringent than that for a group of hiking buddies or the solitary car camper. As well, the holding tank capacity requirements for a tent camping family of 5 would be much more than that required for 2 guys on a weekend fishing or hunting trip. Purchasing a unit that fits the size, weight, and compactness requirements for its intended use will ensure that you end up with the appropriate portable camping toilet to suit your needs.

Camping Toilet Reviews

Camping Toilet ReviewsReading camping toilet reviews by customers that have actually used a specific product or model in question is probably the most effective way to determine the pros and cons between different camping toilet models. Let’s face it, most products have their pros and cons and rarely do the manufacturers tell you about the latter (the cons). We’ve pulled together a list of the most popular camping toilets reviewed by real, actual users and their unedited and unbiased camping toilet reviews that can be seen here.

The Camping Toilet Tent

Camping Toilet TentAn often afterthought of a portable toilet is the camping toilet tent or privacy shelter. Whether tent camping, car camping, or even trailer camping or RV’ing, a camping toilet tent adds a sense of comfort and privacy to your outdoor activities for those times when nature inconveniently calls. Considered a necessity by many campers, most models are surprisingly affordable. They also double as portable shower tents and changing shelters for those days at the lake or beach. Most camping toilet tent models are ridiculously simple to setup and they break-down to an easily transportable and compact storage size that will fit behind the seat of most trucks or in the trunk of a car.

Camping Toilet Bags

Camping Toilet BagsModern-day camping toilet bags are one of the coolest camping innovations of recent times. They often resemble any old standard plastic bag but typically are self-sealing, biodegradable, land-fill friendly, and chemically treated. When used with a collapsible toilet (folding camping toilet) or bucket toilet these things make for a sanitary, hassle-free and environmentally friendly outdoor experience and eliminate the need for any cleaning.

Many camping toilet bags also include a powder-coated gelling agent that will neutralize solid waste and convert any liquid waste into an easy to manage gel – all within the self contained bag. Most of these bags are also biodegradable and landfill approved.

When used as a liner for your camping toilet you simply do your business and then use the self-seal functionality of the camping toilet bag to seal it up and then dispose of it when convenient. With so many wilderness areas now requiring that you pack out your own solid waste camping toilet bags are quickly becoming a necessity for outdoor enthusiasts.

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